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Ear Nose & Throat Procedures

I have a special interest in management of nasal conditions. The nose is integral to good health and conditions affecting the nose can impact significantly on quality of life and well being.

Many conditions are managed including nasal obstruction caused by many factors including injury and trauma, nasal allergy and hayfever. Nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis can also lead to obstruction. Correction of these conditions using medical therapies or surgical intervention can give rise to significant improvement and enhance the quality of life.

Chronic sinusitis is a disabling condition in many patients leading to ongoing pain, impairment of ability to work and sleep disturbance. Appropriate management including diagnostic evaluation, medical management and leading edge surgical procedures can relieve ongoing symptoms. Management of nasal obstruction and discharge in the younger patient can be achieved with the medical treatment of allergy, possible management of inferior turbinate disease or with Coblation assisted or ablation adenoidectomy. Modern adenoidectomy is relatively painless, performed under a day case procedure and virtually bloodless.

Medical conditions of the nose including bleeding noses, abnormal or loss of sense of smell are also managed in the office.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty is another interest which can occur following trauma requiring correction. As an affiliated provider with the ACC post injury rhinoplasty is usually covered. You maybe eligible for full funding for any surgery.