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ENT Frequently Asked Questions

  • Extensive parking is available on site with lift access to my rooms.
  • On site audiology or referral to audiology services throughout Christchurch.
  • On site access to full radiological services through Pacific Radiology at Forte2
  • On site laboratory services provided through the Southern Community Laboratory.
  • Overnight sleep screening for obstructive sleep apnoea  by referral to Cansleep,Christchurch.
  • I am an accredited Southern Cross and NIB Affiliated Provider which usually allows us to facilitate prior approval for most consultations and most procedures through my office.
  • I am an ACC accredited provider for elective surgery and also for noise induced hearing loss claims.

We work closely with Anaesthesia Associates they can assist with quotes for prior approval for surgery.

I operate at Forte Health, St George’s Hospital and Southern Cross Hospital . All Hospitals offer excellent services and can assist in provision of quotes for prior approval for surgery.